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Military Applicants, FREE Concealed license. Click here! (Active Military and Retired)

The state of New Mexico has now gone to 100% digital fingerprints/background check. You will need to register for a background check on the Gemalto/3M Cogent site prior to turning in your paperwork to the state. This service will cost $44 (A new applicant for a concealed carry card is $100.00. You will deduct the $44 from that and only pay the state $56 but must show receipt of the background check)
You can register for the background check here: https://www.aps.gemalto.com/nm/index_NM.htm
(Note: The ORI number can be found if you click the
[ORI lookup] and type "dps" and hit search, use "DPS CCW CIVILIAN APP")

4 Year Renewal: You will need digital prints. If you have already done digital in the past, then you will not need to retake prints and you owe the state $75.00. If you have never done digital prints, then you will owe the state $31 + $44 for the prints above.
There is a list of fingerprint locations state wide on the link above.

- We reserve the right to cancel any class due to low attendance or any other reasonable reason.