Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the requirements for a CHL/CCW in New Mexico?
21 years old and must not have been convicted of a felony or any crime involving domestic violence. (DWI Charges go back 5 years & Drug charges go back 10 years.)

(1) a completed application form; (you'll fill this out during class)
(2) a nonrefundable application fee in an amount not to exceed one hundred dollars ($100); (no cash)
[$44 for prints/background check + $56 for application]
(3) Digital fingerprints; (You must register for a background check before you turn in your paperwork to DPS)
(4) a certified copy of a certificate of completion; (you will get this certificate at the end of class)
(5) a certified copy of a birth certificate (from vital statistics) or US Passport or proof of United States citizenship, if the applicant was not born in the United States; and
(7) proof of residency in New Mexico. (NM Drivers license) (you do not need to send photographs anymore, they will pull your picture from the DMV)
Q: Fingerprints & Background check, digital?
The state of New Mexico has now gone to 100% digital fingerprints/background check. You will need to register for a background check on the Gemalto/3M Cogent site prior to turning in your paperwork to the state. This service will cost $44 (A new applicant for a concealed carry card is $100.00. You will deduct the $44 from that and only pay the state $56 but must show receipt of the background check)
You can register for the background check here: https://www.aps.gemalto.com/nm/index_NM.htm
(Note: The ORI number can be found if you click the
[ORI lookup] and type "dps" and hit search, use "DPS CCW CIVILIAN APP")

4 Year Renewal: You will need digital prints. If you have already done digital in the past, then you will not need to retake prints and you owe the state $75.00. If you have never done digital prints, then you will owe the state $31 + $44 for the prints above.
There is a list of fingerprint locations state wide on the link above.
Q: How long is the Concealed license good for?
4 years from the date of issue.
Q: I'm active military or Retired Military (less than 20 years), can I get a CHL for free?
YES! Well almost, fringerprinting will cost $8.30. There is no class needed or application fee.
To read more about this procedure go to HERE

Application fee and training courses are not required for Military personnel or Military persons, however a firearms training course will have to be taken for those who have been discharged from military service more than twenty years of the application for their initial license or renewal. Military Service Person is defined as being on active duty with the United States armed forces, is on reserve or guard duty with the United States armed forces, or is a veteran or retiree who received an honorable discharge as indicated on a US Department of Defense Form 214.

Registration for Military/Mounted Patrol/Law Enforcement Concealed Carry Applicants:
1. The applicant must register with Gemalto at
2. Use the following ORI when registering use "DPS CCW LAW ENF APP"
3. After registration and $8.30 electronic fingerprint processing payment are complete, the applicant will receive a REG ID.
Complete 2 page CCW application
5. Photocopy of New Mexico Driver's License or Identification Card
6. Original birth certificate: Must be issued by a vital statistics or similar agency in the state in which you were born, no photo copies.
7. Photocopy of Military ID/DD214 or any other document for military verification.
8. Two (2) Authorization Release Forms Electronic Fingerprint Background Check receipt
Q: How long do I have once I complete CHL training to turn in my packet to the DPS?
You have 90 days from the day of completion of class to turn in your completed packet with $100 to the DPS. After that 90 day window, you will have to attend another full CHL training class.

NMDPS Concealed Carry Unit
6301 Indian School Rd NE Ste. 310
Albuquerque, NM 87110
Q: How frequent do I have to re-qualify shooting proficiency?
As of right now, every 2 years you have to take a 2 hour refresher class with range time (with the calibers & handguns listed on your license). At that time you can up grade or down grade those calibers if you would like.
You have to complete this refresher 60 calendar days before the 2 year issue date and 60 calendar days after.
Q: After the 4 years is up, how do I get a renewed license?
You need to do the following;
(1) Complete a firearms renewal training class.
(2) Digital fingerprints; (You must register for a background check before you turn in your paperwork to DPS)
(3) Certificate of completion (you will get this after your class)
(4) $31 renewal fee. (made out to NMDPS) (the $44 for digital prints/background check is deducted from the $75 total)
(5) A copy of your New Mexico drivers license.

You have to file and completed the refresher class 60 calendar days before the license expires until 60 calendar days after the license expires. If the license has expired, a licensee shall not carry a concealed handgun until he receives his renewed license.
Q: If I qualify on a .38 Special, can I carry a .357 mag? (Because they are the same bore diameter)
The NM Statute [2010 NMSA 1978 29-19-2 B] states the Definition as: "caliber" means the diameter of the bore of a handgun.

The DPS has a Caliber Rating List that is ordered by caliber but also by energy/power. The .357 magnum is the same caliber as a .38 special but has more energy, thus higher on the list of calibers.

Q: Can I carry a backup concealed gun along with my primary pistol?
NO, you can only carry ONE concealed handgun at any given time.
Q: What states can I legally conceal carry in with my NM CHL?
Check Handgunlaw.us for all updated state law information. Also check the NM DPS website for Reciprocities.
Q: What concealed carry state licenses does New Mexico honor?
Check Handgunlaw.us for all updated state law information. Also check the NM DPS website for Reciprocities.
Q: What states does New Mexico have a written reciprocity with?
The State of New Mexico has written reciprocity agreements or acknowledgements in place with: CHECK HERE FOR UPDATES

Check Handgunlaw.us and NM DPS for all updated state law information.

Q: Can I carry in restaurants that serve alcohol?
Yes, But only into: A restaurant licensed to sell beer and wine only. No Hard Liquor.
So, Applebee's, Chili's, T.G.I. Friday's, etc. are off limits, they all serve hard liquor.

Click HERE To find out what restaurants are beer and wine establishments in New Mexico.
Q: Can I conceal carry in a Walmart, they sell Hard Liquor?
Yes, Package liquor stores (for off site consumption) are ok.
As long as the firearm stays concealed and the store does not have a "No Guns/Weapons" sign posted outside the entrance.
It's private property, they have the right to refuse you to carry a weapon in their store.
Q: Is hollow point ammo illegal?
No, there is no such law.
We highly recommend that you ALWAYS use hollow point in your carry gun.
Q: Can I carry pepper spray and a stun gun?
Yes, New Mexico does not have any laws or restrictions regarding chemical sprays (pepper spray/mace) and/or electronic weapons (Stun guns/Tasers).
You can carry these separately or along with your concealed handgun as a means of first defense, so maybe you won't have to resort to using your handgun.
Q: What are some other places I can NOT carry?
You may NOT carry a handgun, openly or concealed, in:
- Schools except in vehicle if older than 19 (30-7-2.1 NMSA 1978, fourth degree felony)
- University Premises except in vehicle if older than 19 (30-7-2.4 NMSA 1978 petty misdemeanor)
- Preschools (29-19-8 NMSA 1978)
- Courts (29-19-11 NMSA 1978, without the consent of the presiding judge) Court means: any Federal, State, County, Municipal, or Tribal Court;
- Tribal Land (29-19-10 NMSA 1978, unless authorized by the governing body of the tribe or pueblo)
- Public buses (30-7-13 NMSA 1978, misdemeanor)
- Airport security zones
- Federal Properties Military Bases, Courthouse, etc.
- On private property where the owner has posted signs indicating that you may not carry or if the owner tells you that you cannot
Q: When qualifying, what is the target size and shot requirement?
Target size is 12" wide x 18" tall. 15 rounds fired at 3 yards & 10 rounds fired at 7 yards.
When you are at the range qualifying you need to hit the target at least 18 of 25 rounds shot (for each handgun type) So if you are qualifying on a revolver and a semi-auto, you will need 25 rounds for each gun.
(We also rent handguns, If you want to qualify for a larger handgun you haven't purchased yet, rent ours)
Q: If I don't have a pistol, can i rent one for qualification?

We rent both semi-auto and revolvers for qualifications. We charge a $35 per gun (includes gun and 25rds of ammo, enough for qualification). Call or email us before the class to see what our gun selection is, it's constantly changing.
9mm, 40 s&w & 45 ACP (semi-auto) and
357Mag & 45 LC (revolver) are usually avaliable.

Q: Where is the best place to get a concealable IWB (Inside the Waist Band) Holster?
You should check with Rabbit Tactical. They are a local company that will make you a custom holster for your gun and your body style. Great pricing and best part, usually less than a day turn around! Try to get that with any other custom holster manufacture.
We are always updating this FAQ, so check back often.
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