About Our Instructors

Joe Gilmore

- NRA Certified Instructor
- NRA Personal Protection Instructor
- Range Safety Officer
- NM DPS Approved CHL Instructor #287
The New Mexico Concealed Carry course we teach has been approved by the New Mexico Department of Public Safety (NMDPS) and upon successful completion entitles you to apply for a Concealed Handgun License from the State of New Mexico.

Assistant Instructors:

Albuquerque: Mike Coniglio, Michael Scott, Curtis Scott & Chuey Gonzalez
Tucumcari: Mike Taylor
Roswell: OL Adcock, Juli Adcock, Don Salsman, Jim Collins & Babe Mahan


I attended Joe Gilmore's firearm training class last weekend (4/22-23, 2017). There is no doubt in my mind that this is the class to take. This fellow Joe - he found his mission in life and he is dedicated to fulfilling that mission. And that mission is to train people in the proper use of firearms. The course goes way beyond what would be necessary just to get your CCL. He covers all sorts of situations - home invasions, self defense tactics, legal issues, traffic stops, everything. He stresses all the important things, from RULE #1 on. If you want to know what RULE #1 is, you just have to take Joe's course. I know it and I will never forget it! The other RULES as well.

I also want to say a word about Joe's instructors. They are top notch. Mike C, who I got to hear, and work with, over the two days, just impressed the hell out of me. He is a great instructor. He's clear and precise. Coached me at qualifying. My first two shots were borderline. He reminded me of something. All the rest of my shots were close to center.

The other instructors at the range, were likewise professional and expert. They all take their roles VERY seriously.
So that's it friends. Once you've made the decision to get firearms training, the rest is very easy - take Joe Gilmore's course.
-Marc F.

If you want a concealed carry class or gun training that just reads the book to you and bores you with lawyer stuff till your too scared to defend yourself GO SOMEWHERE ELSE! Joe gives comprehensive real life training with real situations and real defense solutions. I have attended his concealed carry class and all of Joe's advanced pistol classes. I believe that Joe's training surpasses other gun courses by a fair margin. Practice your muscle memory skills with your weapon in your environment, using the drills and skills Joe teaches and you will have the skill set needed and the confidence to pull the trigger to defend yourself and your loved ones. -James B, Albuquerque

My wife and I spent the weekend with these guys. Amazing course and so much more. Real life situations, real life questions. Not a boring read from the book class. I would highly recommend to anybody. We feel like we made some friends but most importantly, we learned. -David L.

I would like to say I really enjoyed the class. Your training, presentation and knowledge was well beyond what I expected. I would definitely recommend this class to my friends and people who are looking for a good CCW class. I really appreciate the time that you guys took to answer question in between your teaching. I really look forward in taking some of your advance classes in the future. Great job guys keep up the good work. -J.B. Santa Fe, NM

I wanted to thank you guys for the awesome concealed carry class! I looked at several different companies and ended up going with you guys because of the tactical training (not just book training). I definitely made the right choice! -Steve W.

I just completed the Gilmore Firearms Training class for my conceal carry license. The training is very professional and well worth the money. Although I am Law Enforcement trained, I learned some technics which made me re-think some of the academy training. I picked up a lot of useful information and the willingness of the instructors to help in every respect of training made it very enjoyable. I highly recommend this training to both civilian and law enforcement alike! -Corrections Officer W.C.

My son and I really enjoyed the CCW class in October. All the trainers were patient, informative and interested in making sure we knew the materials. The on-site tactical training was a great plus. I highly recommend this class and appreciate the effort Joe, Mike, Matt & Michael put into the classes. -Vicki O.

Joe and his team do an outstanding job of taking the time to use everyday situations in their training. This is much more valuable than just reading the law out of a book. I would highly recommend this class for anyone interested in getting their Concealed Carry License. -John L.

Gilmore Firearms Training is the "real deal." From the comfortable classroom instructional setting - to the professional assistance on the field; his concealed carry class package, far exceeded my expectations. I thank you and your staff for an enjoyable and most valuable learning experience! -Steve C.

Just finished my CCW course today (4/22/12).  After holding a Colorado CCW with NO practical shooting requirement, this was a refreshing change.  Hands on, tactical, live shooting experience with close supervision and coaching from a well-trained staff.  Classroom time was thought-provoking and relevant.  I'm a retired (25 year military veteran) shooter and heard things this weekend that changed the way I think, no small task (for an old guy like me).  Highly (very highly) recommend this class.  Money well spent.  Looking forward to practicing what I learned and possibly shooting advanced training in late summer with this team.  One (more) word...  OUTSTANDING!!! -Merl S.

This was one of the best Training Classes I have ever attended. The Instructors prepared and trained there student for real world situations. They really do show you that they care about each individual student and make you feel like a member of the family. Great bunch of guys! - Alex M.

Gilmore does more than provide a class - it is a complete education that everyone should familiar with. A weekend well spent!
Thank you. -Robert W.

Thanks for everything guys!  I had some trouble at my shop yesterday.  The training you guys thought me really helped me.  Two guys came in and were threatening me.  First thing I did is created space between us and positioned my self so I could run out the back door incase it got crazy.  I got the police on the phone and at that time they got scared and started walking away.  I'm just glad nothing happened 'cause they were crazy upset.  Threatening my life and my shop.  But the training came in handy big time! Everyday I set up a plan at the shop.  So thank you for the training. I will be attending your other training events. -J.G. Albuquerque, NM

The training was great, we went through everything in a simple manor that was easy to understand and all questions were answered when asked. I strongly recommend this class over the others in town that are more about book learning and not much on the hands on approach. The best part of the class was watching my wife dive around in the dirt for the intro to tactical shooting. -Edward C.

More than any other thing that I took away from this course is the fact that our country is facing uncertain times. People must take individual responsibility to protect themselves and their loved ones. To do that Concealed Carry is just the first step, but a most important one. Thank you for a great weekend! -Charles S.

I really enjoyed your training and presentation. I am a CCW permit holder in two other states and your course surpasses those by a mile.Thanks! -Bob M.


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